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Q: What is a domain?

A: A domain is just the name of a website that ends in .com, .org, etc. Basically, if you know the URL of a website, you know the domain name. During the sign-up process, you will be able to check if the domain name that you want is available. We suggest that you have a few different domain names ready when you go to sign up in case one is taken.


Q: Who can get a domain?

A: Any BYU day-matriculated student, faculty member, employee, or BYU-affiliated department can register for a domain.

Q: I don’t know how to code. Can I still use BYU Domains?

A: Yes! BYU Domains was created so that students can become digitally literate. Your website can be as simple or complex as you want it to be and the more you experiment with this space, the more you will learn. If this is your first attempt at creating a blog or website, we have extensive help guides on how to start. Please see Getting Started to get more information about building a website.


Q: How long can I have the domain for?

A: Participants technically can keep their domains forever. When you sign up for a domain, the domain is directly registered to your name. However, if a participant leaves the university, they will need to pay a minimal fee to BYU for hosting costs ($25 a year), or transfer their website to a different web hosting company.

Q: What if I already have a domain? Can I use that with BYU Domains?

A: Yes. You can use an existing domain. When you fill out the request form, just select the option “from an existing domain” and enter your domain address. If you want to use the BYU domain tools with your existing domain to enhance or build additions to your website, you can just change the name servers at your current DNS server to "" and "". Changing the name server info will allow you to access the BYU Domains dashboard. However, please note that changing the name server info does not mean that you are transferring your domain. You are still responsible for paying your hosting site since the domain is still registered there.


Q: What exactly do I have to do to sign up for a domain?

A: You need to go to and click the “Get Started” button. You will be asked for your NetID and password, and then fill out an interest form. For step-by-step details on how to sign up for a domain, please go to the following help article: Creating Your Domain.


Q: When was this program started?

A: BYU started testing this program in early 2015. Students and faculty outside of the initial testing group started signing up for domains in May 2015.

Q: How many participants are using this program?

A: BYU is currently piloting this program, which means that only a few students and faculty have registered to test the technology. BYU hopes to actively expand the program to more students and classes in Winter 2016. However, until then, you are free to register and start building your site. You do not have to be part of a class to participate.

Q: How have participants been using BYU Domains?

A: Students have been creating everything from online portfolios and freelancing websites to online histories and a Phil Collins fansite. Faculty have been creating blogs, class sites, and collaboration spaces that reflect their field of study. However, we encourage you to make a website that fulfills your own needs. If you have an idea on how to make your website unique, try it! Your website is only limited by your imagination.

Q: Why is BYU doing this program?

A: In a world where digital portfolios and websites are becoming the norm, BYU wants to help its students become digitally proficient in web technology. This will not only provide students with a step-up in the job market, but also give them a chance to take responsibility for the content they post online.


Q: Will students be required to participate in this program?

A: No one is required to use this service. Even though some faculty are currently teaching classes where student websites are part of the coursework, students will always have a choice of where to host their domain and how to build their site. There are currently no plans to require every student to have their own website at BYU.

Q: What benefit do participants get from using BYU Domains?

A: Participants will learn the skills needed to build and maintain websites. This domain is something that you can take with them after you leave BYU that reflects your skills and talents. Additionally, creating your own website allows you to take control of your digital identity and personal branding. Posting to your own website means that you own the content you post, as opposed to having Facebook own the pictures you post to your Facebook account.

Q: Do sites need to be school related?

A: No. The BYU Domains program exists to give students and faculty a chance to create websites that inspire their creativity and foster digital literacy.

Q: Can I have more than one domain?

A: No. Participants can only register for one domain. However, we do offer the option of creating subdomains, which means that it is possible to have an unlimited number of sites that come off of your parent domain. For more information about creating subdomains, please visit the following help article: How to Create a Subdomain.


Q: What resources are available to help students and faculty learn how to make a website?

A: We have extensive online help guides written for participants. To read BYU’s help guides, please go to: Getting Started.

Q: Is there any difference between student and faculty accounts?

A: There is no difference between student and faculty accounts. Both students and faculty have access to the CPanel (BYU Domains dashboard), which enables the user to create whatever they want with their site through resources such as domain email, subdomains, back-up functions, analytics, Database (MySQL), PHP, and applications that include Wordpress, Drupal, Known, and Dokuwiki.


Q: How is the BYU Honor Code involved with BYU Domains?

A: All content must be in compliance with the BYU Honor Code. For more information, please see the BYU Governance document, which lists our policies regarding website content and use of the BYU Domains program.

Q: What happens to my domain when I graduate?

A: You will have the option to either pay BYU a small yearly fee ($25 a year) to continue to host your domain or to find another hosting service for your site. If you do not pay the fee or transfer your site, your domain will still be registered in your name, but you will no longer have access to your hosted content after you leave the university.

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